About Us

The power that propels us forward in the projectile path of success is the Heritage that we hold. From the land of spices, we came to this land of opportunities with a dream of delivering the expertise that we have in milling to every household in UAE.

In 1991 Sands mill started as a small team of two, with baby steps and best customer reviews, in the last 3 decades Sands mill only tasted success is because of the quality that we keep and through that the customer satisfaction that we give.

With a humble beginning, the dream of delivering the best quality products expanded to its full glory in the last three decades. Now we, Sands Mill with its brand Hiba, stand upright with a hand full of happy customers and quality product line up.

Sands Mill started its first operations first operations in 1991 at Hor Al Anz - Dubai and gained popularity among the customers there, that acceptance of customers gave Sands Mill the confidence to expanded the business to Dubai and later to Ajman. During this period Sands Mill stepped up the logistics by starting van deliveries. With van deliveries, Sands mill started to reach customers all around the UAE.

The delivery of good products made Hiba a household name among the customers and our brand went on expanding to Sharja. With this growth Sands, mill and Hiba became a success story and we are continuing the legacy of the success by generations.

At present Sands Mill and the brand, Hiba stands tall with 3 branches, 50+ staff, a fleet of delivery vans. With the increased demand for our goods, we are now active with two grocery stores, one restaurant, and one supermarket. We are expanding the business every day to new heights. Our target of producing and delivering the best goods grows to new heights each time when we achieve a new milestone.

The quality of our products and the care that we give makes us the top choice among our customers and the support from them makes us work harder each day to deliver the best every time.

The trust we build over 30 years with our customers, makes us excel in our business. With low cost, we are delivering the top class products, which is to make our customers healthy and safe without tampering their pockets. Sands mill always promises that state of the art class to our customers for the motivation that they have given us.

Chairman’s message

Sands mill holds a heritage of a culture that finds ecstasy in serving good food. We built the Sands mill and Hiba product line with a heartfelt joy of serving the authentic product to our customers. Our sincere approach to the production and distribution with extra care is because we believe each customer who buys Hiba products or who uses our milling services are our own family. That feeling of the family took us to these heights.

We believe that every grain in this world is divine as it sustains life. we see it as the touch of god. We are always dedicated to the almighty, Hence we deliver each grain with proper care. In this modern era quality became something hard to find. We are always committed to delivering the best quality. Our vision is to produce best in class products and bring it to our customers with an affordable price tag. so that everyone gets access to the best products which keep them healthy.

We all work for our daily bread, the health and wealth of ours should be kept safe. We Sands mill stands with you to make your life better with the homely product lineup and the milling services. Believe us we are here to deliver the best for you. Your smile when you use our product makes us lead this company to success. Keep using Hiba products and keep smiling.

Chairman’s Image
Mr. K V Bava Haji
Chairman & Founder