Grinding grains

The history of grinding grains starts from the early age of mankind, in ancient times farmers used to sell grains to the miller, The millers use stone grinders and the powdered grain is sold to the bakers. Bread played a vital role in filling the stomaches of many from ancient times to the present. Today grains are gaining more popularity as the specialty food industry is growing exponentially. More traditional kinds of grains are being re-established to our diets. During this boom of traditional organic processing of grains, Our brand Hiba plays a great role in delivering the authentic grain processing and products. Our unique way of processing the grain gives us control over each grain and our industry-leading processing makes sure the specialty food you opt for your family’s care is the best in class.

The process of grinding starts from collecting the best raw grains and washing them with pure water to remove any foreign materials. Once the grain is washed and dried, the grain is milled to a fine powder with state of art machines.