Milling of spices

Men started using spices in their primitive era, Species were used for medicinal, traditional, or religious needs at first then it was established to the kitchen to give that heavenly aroma and life to the food that we consume. The Indian spice trade has a golden history of over 7000 years, even before the rise of the modern civilizations India established trading relationships with ancient cultural centers like Mesopotamia, Egypt. Being the pioneer in spices, India became a docking point for many sailors. Especially Kerala, which had an abundance of spices like black pepper. Pepper was considered black gold and that attracted many merchants to Kerala. When Vasco da Gama set foot in Kerala he was surprised by witnessing the spice trade between Arabia and Kerala. Spices were considered gold in the olden era. Many came and left, some stayed back in the land of spices and became a part of Kerala. The aroma of spices traveled crossing seas and they became a symbol of luxury. and the legacy of spices remained in Kerala.

With the hereditary of the land of spices, we are the best in class when it comes to processing the spices. We collect exotic spices from their natural habitats and process, dry, and mill them without losing its authentic flavors. Our best in class tools helps us to deliver the best pure quality spices without losing its goodness.