We at Sands Mill believe that the packaging is the face of our products. We are delivering the best products and we always are keen on making the presentation the best possible. When we consider the best presentation we also are very conscious about the capability of our packaging to keep the flavors and the health benefits locked inside.

Packaging plays an essential role in keeping the freshness and class of the products. With proper packaging, the powders last longer on the shelf. We consider the best protection as a priority while packaging by always keeping the regulations. Packaging food products is not like any other product. It demands more care. Our fully automated packaging will ensure that the grade of the food products packed is always high.

From sourcing, the raw materials to milling and packaging are done with complete care to maintain the class of our products. we use industry-leading multi-layered packaging to ensure the best shelf life without adding preservatives.

We focus on fully automated milling and packing thus delivering the best products.